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Dive Clyde, distributes fine high quality custom scuba diving gear manufactured by I.T.E.M. Inc.
Utilizing today's modern Marine Industrial Fabrics of all specifications
Some of our most popular commercial products include :
Custom Lift Bags and Harness Systems for any size salvage operation.
Soft Ballast Weights, ranging from 1/2 lb. to 150lb.
Protective coverings and Bags, for boat equipment or dive gear.
Inflatable Floats, any size or style needed to suit your requirements.
As well as many different diving accessories for the sport or technical diver.
Special Custom Design Services are our delight.
We welcome all ideas and designs for new products.
Whatever your need, Dive Clyde will work closely with you to achieve the right solution.
U-352, off the coast of North Carolinia, By Chris O'Riley - 2005